WordPress plugins dont show up when logged in

When you log into your wordpress site, do you see any plugins that you added? If not, chances are that you’re missing one or more plugins. In this article, we’ll show you how to find and install plugins in wordpress using the plugin manager.

What is causing wordpress plugins not to show up when logged in?

Plugin developers have long known that users often forget to log out of their accounts when they’re done using the site. But there are other reasons why plugins might not show up for logged-in users. Here are a few possibilities:

-The plugin is installed on a site but not enabled. To enable a plugin, go to its page in the WordPress admin area and click the “Enable” button.

-The plugin conflicts with another plugin or theme. If you’re not sure whether a plugin is compatible with your site, check the WordPress help center or ask a question on the WordPress forums.

-The plugin requires administrative privileges to work. If you don’t have administrator privileges on your site, you can’t install or enable plugins.

How to fix the issue and get your plugins back up and running

If you are having trouble logging in to your WordPress site because plugins that you installed don’t show up, there is a solution. Follow these steps:

1. Check your blog’s settings to make sure that you have enabled the “Plugins” menu in the admin area. If you don’t see this menu, go to

Settings > General >Appearance. In the “Menu” drop-down box, select “Menu and Links.” This will open the menus for the admin area.
2. Locate the plugin that you’re having problems with and click on its name in the list of plugins. This will take you to the plugin’s settings page.
3. On the plugin’s settings page, make sure that the “Enabled” checkbox is checked. If it isn’t, uncheck it and click on the button that says “Save Changes.”
4. Log out of your WordPress site and log back in. Your plugins should now be visible in the “Plugins” menu.


If you’re experiencing problems with plugins not displaying when you’re logged in to your WordPress site, there are a few things you can try. First, make sure that the plugins you’re using are up-to-date. Second, make sure that your login credentials are correct and that they’ve been entered correctly into your WordPress site’s admin area. Third, make sure that the plugin is installed correctly on your server. Fourth, check to see if any firewall rules might be blocking the plugin from loading properly. Fifth, troubleshoot any coding issues with the plugin by attempting to contact the author of the plugin. If all of these steps fail to solve the problem, it may be time for you to consider upgrading your WordPress platform or migrating to a different platform altogether.

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