WordPress only load plugins when needed

WordPress is a popular content management system that enables you to create a website or blog from scratch, or to improve an existing website. One of the benefits of using wordpress is the wide range of plugins that are available to add functionality and enhancements to your site.

However, if you don’t use plugins carefully, they can slow down your site and even cause it to stop working altogether. In this article, we’ll show you how to avoid problem plugins and speed up your wordpress site.

What is the issue?

WordPress only loads plugins when they are needed, which can result in slower blog performance.
How to fix the issue?

To fix the issue, you can add a plugin loader to your WordPress installation. This plugin will load all of the plugins in your WordPress installation as soon as they are needed, which will speed up your blog significantly.

How do I fix it?

WordPress only loads plugins when needed is a common issue for WordPress users. The issue typically occurs when a plugin is not loaded automatically when WordPress starts. To fix this issue, you need to load the plugin manually. Here are instructions on how to do it.

1. Open your WordPress dashboard.
2. Click on the Plugins link located in the left-hand navigation bar.
3. Click on the Add New Plugin button located below the list of active plugins.
4. Enter the name of the plugin into the Name field and click on the Install button.
5. Click on the Activate Plugin button to activate the plugin.
6. Restart your WordPress website to load the newly installed plugin.


One common issue that wordpress users face is plugin over-usage. When plugins are loaded unnecessarily, it can slow down your website dramatically and introduce errors into your code. In this article, we will discuss how to identify which plugins are loading automatically and which ones you should load manually. This way, you can optimize your wordpress site for performance while ensuring that all the necessary plugin files are hosted on your server.

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