WordPress how to add share buttons without plugins

Sharing your blog posts and articles on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus is an important part of getting the word out there about your work. But sharing links can be a pain – you have to copy and paste the URL, and then hit the Share button! Wouldn’t it be great if you could add share buttons to your posts without any plugins?

What are Share Buttons?

Share buttons are small buttons that you can add to your blog posts and pages to make it easy for your readers to share them on social media. They’re a great way to drive traffic to your blog and build brand awareness. You can add Share Buttons without any plugins, but there are a few things you need to know first.

What are the different types of Share Buttons?

There are two main types of Share Buttons: obvious and hidden. Obvious Share Buttons are the ones that show up right when you hover your cursor over a post or page title. Hidden Share Buttons are the ones that you have to find and click on yourself. They’re usually located in the bottom or top edges of a post or page.

How do I add an obvious Share Button?

To add an obvious Share Button, all you need is a little bit of WordPress coding knowledge. Open up your WordPress editor (either via the dashboard or via your web browser), and type the following code into your post or page:

Share this

How to Add a Share Button to Your WordPress Site

One of the easiest ways to share your content on social media is to add a share button to your website. There are many different ways to add a share button to your WordPress site, and you can use plugins or code snippets. This guide will show you how to add a share button without using any plugins.

First, you need to create a widget for your blog post or article. You can find widgets on the WordPress plugin directory or by searching for “wordpress widgets” on Google. Once you have found a widget that suits your needs, click on the “add new” button and give your widget a name. For this example, we will be using the “Share This” widget.

Once you have created your widget, click on the “settings” tab and under the “sharing options” section, click on the “share this content” button. In the text field below, type in a short caption for your share button and select whether you want it to appear with or without an icon. Click on the “save changes” button and your share button is ready to use!

To activate your share button, simply click on it when

Recommended Plugin Options

When you’re looking to add share buttons to your WordPress blog, there are a few plugins you can consider. W3 Total Cache is a great plugin for improving speed and caching WordPress pages, while Shareaholic is a great plugin for providing social sharing buttons. If you don’t need any of those features, there are other plugins available that can help with sharing content from your blog. Here are some of our favorites:

Shared Links: Shared Links is a plugin that allows you to add social sharing buttons to any post or page on your WordPress site. Simply install the plugin, choose which posts and pages you want to include it on, and then configure the buttons. You can also add custom URLs or use the built-in share buttons.

BuddyPress: BuddyPress is an open-source WordPress extension that allows you to create communities around your blog posts and articles. When you install BuddyPress, it will create a forum where users can discuss and comment on your posts. Additionally, BuddyPress provides share buttons for all of the posts in your community, as well as an embed code for social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

WordCrowd: WordCrowd is anotherWordPress extension that allows you


If you’re looking to add share buttons to your WordPress blog but don’t want to use any plugins, there is a simple solution. You can add the share buttons directly to your posts using some basic HTML and CSS. Follow these steps to get started:

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