Why are cache plugins not available wordpress

Cache plugins are a great way to speed up your WordPress website by caching the pages you visit most often. Unfortunately, they’re not currently available in the WordPress core repository.

If you’d like to add a cache plugin to your WordPress site, there are two main options: using a third-party plugin or building it yourself.

What is a Cache Plugin?

Cache plugins are a great way to make your WordPress site faster. They help you store cached versions of files so that when you visit your site again, the files are already loaded from the cache instead of having to be requested from the server. This can help speed up your site and make it more responsive for visitors. Unfortunately, cache plugins are not currently available on WordPress.com.

How to install a Cache Plugin

Cache plugins are not available in WordPress. This is because WordPress does not have a native cache plugin like many other popular CMSs. To add caching to your WordPress site, you can use a third-party caching plugin or use the w3 Total Cache plugin.

Why are Cache Plugins Not Available on WordPress?

When you visit a website, the information is stored on your computer in what is called a cache. When you revisit that website, the cached information is used instead of going through the web server to retrieve the information again.

WordPress uses a custom caching plugin called W3 Total Cache which stores all of your WordPress content in a cache. However, this plugin is not available on WordPress.com due to security concerns. WordPress.com uses a different caching plugin called CloudFlare which does not have these security concerns and allows caching plugins to be installed.


Cache plugins are a great way to improve the performance of your WordPress site, but they’re not currently available as an option on the WordPress plugin repository. If you need to use a caching solution and don’t want to install a third-party plugin, there are some other options you can explore. One option is to use a caching proxy like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. Both of these proxies cache your content and serve it from their own servers, which can improve the speed of your website by caching pages that have been visited multiple times.

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