Where are plugins stored in wordpress

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) in the world, used by millions of people across the globe. However, one question that often crops up among WordPress users is where do plugins stored on their website? In this article, we will explore where plugins are stored in WordPress, and provide a few tips on how to locate and use plugins on your WordPress site.

What are plugins?

WordPress plugins are files that add functionality to WordPress. They’re stored in the plugins directory in your WordPress installation. By default, this is located at “/wp-content/plugins/”

If you want to disable automatic plugin loading, you can set the wp-config.php file to load plugins from another location, like “/usr/local/wordpress/plugins/”

Where do plugins store files?

Plugin files are stored in a folder called “wp-content/plugins” inside of your WordPress site’s root directory. This folder contains subfolders for each plugin you have installed. The names of these folders follow the same conventions as your WordPress plugins’ file names (e.g. my-plugin-name.php).

How to move plugins to a different location on your server?

WordPress plugins are stored in the wp-content/plugins directory on your server. You can move them to a different location using the following steps:

1. Use the wp plugin manager to find and install the plugin you want to move.

2. Log in to your server and go to the wp-content/plugins directory.

3. Find the plugin folder for the plugin you installed, and copy it to a new location on your server.

4. Delete the old plugin folder from the wp-content/plugins directory.

How to delete plugins?

In this article, we will tell you how to delete plugins in WordPress. Before you can delete a plugin, you first have to find it. To do that, open the Plugins page in your WordPress admin area and look for the plugin you want to delete. If the plugin is not listed on the Plugins page, search for it using the WordPress keyword search function.

To delete a plugin, click on its name and then click on the Delete button. If you are sure that you want to delete the plugin, confirm your decision by clicking on the Delete button. When you delete a plugin, its files and folders are removed from your website.


Plugins are one of the most important features of WordPress, and knowing where they are stored can help you administer and manage your site more easily. The default location for plugins is in the /wp-content/plugins directory, but this can be changed if needed. In addition to the WP_PLUGIN_PATH variable, which specifies where plugins should be looked for when they are installed or updated, other locations that plugins may be stored include:
If you’re not sure where a plugin is located on your system, it’s usually easiest to search for it using the wp command line interface (CLI).

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