E-commerce, optimization service and consulting

As a dealer, seller, brand you want to make as many sales as possible using your online store. What is needed for this? Everything is simple. You need to know, use and expand the measures and interactions of the various online marketing channels in connection with the interfaces, technologies and system of your store.

Our agency and our experts are well versed in all online marketing channels. We have a good experience of many years cooperation with corporate clients of e-commerce. Thanks to our knowledge and technological competence, we are your best SEO expert.


As experts in the field of e-commerce with many years of experience, we translate the wishes of your customers into concrete measures. You will also receive holistic advice ranging from strategy, technology management and concept to supporting implementation with marketing, research and testing.


If you as a company ask yourself these questions:


  • Which store system best suits my requirements?
  • What marketing and e-commerce strategies are most effective for my company?
  • What technologies, strategies and structures can I use to increase sales in an online store?
  • How can processes be optimized?
  • How can I link my technical systems to become more efficient?


Then you have come to the right place.


Our services in the field of Internet consulting:


  • Ecommerce Marketing Strategy
  • Digitization
  • Payment Solutions
  • Technology Consulting
  • Marketing
  • Production processes to increase efficiency
  • Integrated interface management (PIM, SAP, WaWi, CRM)
  • Site performance


What does e-commerce mean?

E-commerce means trading on the Internet.


E-Commerce is short for electronic commerce. It translates as online trading.


They only talk about trade that takes place on the World Wide Web. Not only the buying and selling process refers to the term e-commerce. It also includes any services, such as customer service and the online banking sector, that are part of the term e-commerce.


Ecommerce and SEO


The topic of e-commerce has become very complex over time. Now, e-commerce has become one of the main business models on the Internet. The e-commerce business model exists only in the Internet space with good marketing indicators, such as affiliate marketing, search engine marketing and search engine optimization. This is the only way the customer can find the supplier page.


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