How to give wordpress write access plugins

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) that is used by millions of people around the world. It’s an incredibly versatile platform, perfect for creating a website or blog from scratch, or for tweaking and customizing an existing one. But what if you want to give someone else access to your posts and pages – perhaps to help them with their own website or blog? In this article, we’ll show you how to give WordPress write access plugins, so that anyone can easily add new posts and pages to your site.

What are WordPress Write Access Plugins?

WordPress Write Access Plugins are a way to give other people (like your blog editor, guest bloggers, or clients) write access to your WordPress blog. This means they can add new posts, pages, and comments without having to ask you every time.

There are two main types of WordPress Write Access Plugins: those that let you share a single post or page, and those that let you share an entire blog.

Sharing a Single Post or Page

The simplest way to give someone write access to a post or page on your blog is to install a WordPress Write Access Plugin called “Share Post”. When you activate this plugin, it will give the person you choose write access to the post or page as if they were you. To use this plugin, simply go to the post or page you want to share, and click the “Share” button. Then, in the popup window that appears, type in the email address or username of the person you want to give write access to the post/page. Click “Send”, and the plugin will take care of everything else.

Sharing an Entire Blog
If you want to share an

How to Enable Write Access forYour WordPress Blog

If you want to give your WordPress blog write access, there are a couple of plugins that you can use. The first plugin is called WP Superuser, and it can be installed on any WordPress site. The second plugin is called Write Access for WordPress Blogs, and it can be installed on a single blog or a whole network of blogs.

Once you have both the WP Superuser and Write Access for WordPress Blogs plugins installed, you will need to configure them. First, go to the WP Superuser settings page and select the “Write” tab. Under the “Write” tab, you will see three options: “Enabled,” “Administrator Only,” and “Anyone Can Write.” You should select the “Enabled” option so that anyone can write on your blog.

Next, go to the Write Access for WordPress Blogs settings page and select the “Write” tab. Under the “Write” tab, you will see two options: “Enabled” and “Only Administrators Can Write.” You should select the “Enabled” option so that only administrators can write on your blog

Using the WordPress Plugin WP_Write_Access

WP Write Access is a plugin that allows you to give other WordPress users write access to your blog posts and pages. This is useful if you want to allow other people to contribute content to your blog, or if you just want to keep a backup of your posts in case something happens to your WordPress installation.
To install WP Write Access, go to the plugin directory on your WordPress site, and click on the “Install Now” button. After the plugin is installed, go to the “WP Write Access” menu item in the WordPress admin area, and select the sites you want to grant write access to. You can also select individual posts or pages from your blog for write access. To revoke write access from a site, select that site from the list, and click on the “Remove Write Access” button.
You can also manage per-site permissions by clicking on the “Permissions” tab in WP Write Access’s settings page. Here you can see which users have write access to which posts and pages on your blog. You can also set up password protection for each post and page so that only authorized users can make changes.


In this article, we are going to show you how to give wordpress write access plugins. This will allow you to share content on your blog with other people who have been given write access by the plugin author. This is a great way to make sure that your readers can comment on and share your posts with their friends. We hope that this article has helped you understand how writing permissions work in wordpress and given you the knowledge needed to grant write access plugins in a safe and secure way.

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