How to disable network active plugins for only one site multisite wordpress

Multisite wordpress installations can be a bit of a headache – all the plugins and themes need to be installed on every site, and sometimes you might want to disable some of them for only one or two of your sites. In this article, we’ll show you how to disable network active plugins on multisite wordpress installations – meaning that the plugins will only work on sites that are actually activated in your multisite settings!

What are network active plugins?

If you’re using network active plugins on one of your WordPress sites, you might want to disable them for just this site. The network active plugins are usually disabled by default on single site WordPress installations, but they can be enabled if needed.
Here’s how to disable network active plugins for one site:
1. Open the WordPress Dashboard.
2. Click on the Plugins tab.
3. Locate the network active plugin that you want to disable and click on the Disable link next to it.
4. Save your changes and then exit the WordPress Dashboard.
5. Activate the network active plugin only for this site by clicking on the Activate link next to it in the Plugins tab.

How to disable network active plugins for only one site multisite wordpress

If you have a multisite networked WordPress installation, it is possible to disable plugins that are active on the individual site but not the network as a whole. This is especially helpful for plugins that check for updates and download them automatically, as those will be blocked on the network. To disable plugins:
1. Log into your WordPress site as an administrator.
2. Click the “Network” menu item in the admin area.
3. Select “Settings” from the Network menu.
4. On the Settings page, scroll down to the “Plugins” section and click the “Disable” button next to any plugin you want to disable on your site. The plugin will now be disabled on your site, but it will still be active on all other sites in your multisite network.


If you’re using wordpress Multisite and you want to disable network active plugins for only one site, there is a way to do this. First, go to your wordpress admin panel and under the “Network” tab, select the site you want to disable plugins for. Next, click on “Plugins”. On the “Plugin Settings” page for that site, uncheck the box next to “Network Active Plugin(s)”. That’s all there is to it!

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