How to deactivate plugins on wordpress godaddy

A lot of WordPress site owners like to use plugins to add extra features or functions to their website. But sometimes plugins can cause problems, and they need to be deactivated. In this article, we’ll show you how to deactivate plugins on and godaddy.

Disable all Plugins

To disable all plugins on, you’ll need to login to your account and click in the plugin section of the dashboard. There, you’ll see a list of all of your plugins, and you can simply disable them all by selecting the checkboxes next to each one and clicking the “Disable” button at the bottom of the page.

Enable All Plugins

If you’re using plugins on your WordPress site, it’s important to remember to disable them when you’re finished using them. Here’s how:
1. Open your WordPress admin area.
2. Click the Plugins tab.
3. Select the plugin you want to deactivate from the list on the left side of the screen.
4. Click the Deactivate button next to the plugin name.
5. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Disable Specific Plugins

WordPress is a popular platform for creating blogs, and many plugins are available to help you create and manage your blog content. However, you may want to disable some of these plugins if they’re not necessary for your blog.

To disable a plugin:

1. Log in to your WordPress site.
2. Go to the “Plugins” menu item in the upper-right corner of your WordPress screen.
3. Select the plugin you want to disable.
4. On the “Plugin Settings” screen, under the “General” tab, click the “Disable” button next to the plugin’s name.
5. Click the “Update Now” button to disable the plugin permanently.

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