How do you add plugins to wordpress

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) used by millions of websites. It’s simple to set up and use, but there are a lot of plugins available that you can add to make it more powerful. In this article, we’ll show you how to add a plugin and install it on your WordPress website.


WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) used to create websites and blogs. It allows users to easily add new content, manage comments and posts, and customize the appearance of their website. To add plugins to your WordPress site, follow these steps:

1. Go to the Plugins page on

2. Search for the plugin you want to add and click the link to download it.

3. Upload the plugin to your WordPress site by clicking the “Upload” button next to it.

4. Click the “Activate” button next to the plugin to activate it.

5. Change any settings in the plugin’s settings panel, if necessary.

The Different Types of Plugins

WordPress comes with a built-in plugin system that allows you to install plugins to extend and improve the functionality of your site. There are three main types of WordPress plugins: premium, free, and commercial.

Premium plugins are those that provide additional features or functionality beyond what’s provided by the WordPress core. They can be expensive, but they often come with a premium support and upgrade policy. Commercial plugins are those that are sold through third-party vendors and may have more restrictions on their use. Free plugins are available from the repository and don’t usually require a payment to use.

There are several ways to add plugins to your WordPress site. The most common way is to upload the plugin file to your site via FTP and activate it through the Plugins page in the admin area. You can also add plugins through the Add New Plugin screen in the admin area, using a plugin manager such as WPForms or Jetpack, or by using a code snippet that you can copy and paste into your own plugin file.

Plugins can be disabled or removed at any time through the Plugins page in the admin area or by removing the plugin from your site via FTP or another means

How to Add a Plugin to Your WordPress Site

Adding plugins to your WordPress site is a simple process that can make your website more powerful and customizable. To add a plugin, first visit the WordPress Plugin Directory and search for the plugin you want to add. Once you find the plugin, click on the “Install Now” button to download and install it on your WordPress site. After the plugin has been installed, you will need to activate it by entering its activation code into the “Activate” field located in your WordPress admin area.


There are many different ways to add plugins to your WordPress site, and the most effective way for you depends on the plugins that you use and your own personal preferences. I recommend reading through our plugin guide to familiarize yourself with all of the available options and then trying out a few of them to see which ones work best for you. Once you have found a few plugins that you like, it is easy to add them to your WordPress site by following our simple instructions.

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