How do i clear the cache on my wordpress plugins

Your WordPress website is a finely tuned machine, making it work the way you want it to. But there are times when something might go wrong and your website won’t work the way it should. In cases like these, clearing the cache on your plugins can help get your site up and running again.

What is the cache and how does it work on WordPress?

When WordPress reads posts or pages from the database, it can save these writings to disk as well. This is called the “cache.” If you’re looking for a particular post or page, WordPress can often find it quickly by consulting the cache. However, if you’re working on a new post or page and you don’t want WordPress to save your work in the cache, you can clear the cache. Clearing the cache won’t delete any posts or pages that have already been published; it’ll just make WordPress go back to reading posts and pages from the database fresh every time you visit your blog.
To clear the cache, open your WordPress blog folder (usually located at, and navigate to the wp-config.php file. Find the line that reads $blog_name = ”. (Note: If you’re using a custom domain name, replace ‘yourdomain’ with your domain name.) After deleting the single quote character before $blog_name, type in ‘wordpress’ without the quotes. To clear all caches on your blog, type in ‘clear_all_caches’.

How to clear the cache on your WordPress plugins

If you’re having trouble with your WordPress plugins not working as smoothly as they used to, clearing the cache might be the solution. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log in to your WordPress site.
2. Click on the ‘Plugins’ menu item.
3. Click on the ‘Installed Plugins’ tab.
4. Locate and select the plugin you want to clear the cache for.
5. Click on the ‘Clear Cache’ button next to that plugin’s name.


Clearing the cache on your WordPress plugins can help to improve website performance and speed up the loading of pages. To clear the cache on a specific plugin, navigate to Appearance > Settings > Performance and click “Clear Cache.” You can also clear the cache on all plugins by going to Plugins > Add New, typing in “clear_cache” into the search field, and clicking “Install Now.”

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