Shopify SEO optimization and tips

What is Shopify? How does Shopify work with SEO? How you can bring your site to the first
page of Google.
Shopify is a proprietary e-commerce software that is used to create online stores. This is the so-
called all-in-one system, which provides numerous advantages for small stores and companies
with little experience. This software is suitable for a company that wants to engage in the e-
commerce sector. Thanks to numerous client projects, our agency has extensive experience
with Shopify.
Shopify and SEO
What about Shopify and SEO?
All topics that can be found in the Shopify store are prepared for internal optimization. The
Google Search Console is used to display crawl errors (pages with a status code of 404). This
gives you a direct idea, and you can fix crawl errors directly in the backend access of your site.
In this case, you need to take care of the relevant content on your pages. When it comes to
content on websites, it is important that the texts are unique and not copied.
Content should always contain enough keywords. This helps the search engine access your
page using search queries using these keywords. Recommended keyword density is 1-4%.
It is important to make sure that you select the correct page title. Product descriptions should
be meaningful. Appropriate Alt tags should be added to the images.
You need to pay attention to headings, readability, sufficient, but logical paragraphs and a
common thread in the content.
When creating a page in Shopify, the page title can be created at the very beginning. This
header is automatically an H1 tag and therefore does not need to be entered manually.
The remaining H2-H6 tags can be found and installed in the "Formatting" section. There is only
one H1 tag on the page, and the remaining headers should have a logical structure.

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