BigCommerce SEO Optimization and Tips

Our specialists see strong competitive pressure and a huge pace of development among our customers.
BigCommerce is a way for legitimate companies to spice up online sales. This BigCommerce online store system provides us with many online sales options. Rates are affordable, so not only the owners of large online stores can afford it.
BigCommerce and Shopify are similar in cost. But a tariff change can be expensive for an enterprise. Simple customization of topics is possible without special programming knowledge. Further changes can be found in the HTML / CSS extension.
The service offers a free 15-day trial version, which is useful and ideal for a trial period.
Thus, BigCommerce is a standard plan that contains more features than most platforms. However, it’s a little difficult to determine which BigCommerce plan is right for you and your company and how much you can really pay in the end.
BigCommerce Shopping Cart

BigCommerce shopping cart includes coupons and promotions, as well as simple product comparisons. Opt-out notifications are a big BigCommerce advantage. This means that when a potential customer leaves the cart, BigCommerse sends an email and invites the customer back to the store.

This can increase your sales by 15%.


Who is BigCommerce best for?

BigCommerce is truly a successful website builder that specializes in creating online stores. It offers much more than other platforms. Both small and large companies can benefit, because this includes everything from an unlimited number of products to integration by the principle of direct delivery.

For small online stores, rates can be too complicated or too expensive.
What does a monthly subscription include?
1. hosting
2. Security
3. Backup Features


Special Functions:


Abandoned Cart Notifications to Customers Leaving the Cart
Live chat
Recommended for sellers with a young target group.
One of our strengths is our ability to help in various fields of activity. In this area of ​​BigCommerce, we have extensive experience over the years, as well as numerous satisfied customers and various contacts.

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